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StuffCast on suspension
Posted by absorbation on 26 Nov 2006 (18:36 GMT)
Due to the effort we(Nile) places into each StuffCast episode we have decided we stop the podcast for the time being. It takes a lot out of us(Him and his time), and we don't have the audience to keep us motivated (Or reward the stuffcasters). I'm sure there will be a special (DRUNKAST!!!!) or two coming here and there, but other than that it looks like our podcast didn't turn out so well(Wonder why hey Val?). I would like to thank all of you for listening and to those who did subscribe. Hopefully something good will come from all this, and you never know what the future will hold. Thanks again.
edited by Nile :P

StuffCast Episode 3: StuffCast strike backs
Posted by absorbation on 03 Nov 2006 (11:08 GMT)
Finally our third podcast is here, better late than never! This is an unscheduled release as a result of the odd time zones (next Sunday will be the next, we are coming back on track now).

This week we have an interview with Zack Whittaker, an intern at Microsoft currently enrolling in Windows Live, as well as Val and Nile summing up this week in the world of Messenger and technology. Enjoy!

On the podcast this week:
- Patchou's MVP award
- Windows Live Messenger 9.0
- Windows Live Messenger 8.1 beta thoughts
- Messenger Discovery Live 1.1
- And various other topics mixed in with the hosts discussions, including Val's new-found love of Macs!

A big thanks to Zack Whittaker

Hope you all enjoy this episode we'll try to get back onto schedule (bi-weekly) soon!

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StuffCast delays, again ...
Posted by absorbation on 15 Oct 2006 (19:13 GMT)
Yes, we ran into some more trouble this week, this time it is rather big. Nile, who is the main recorder and editor of the podcast has lost his Internet connection when transferring providers (damn AOL, will the pain never end) and as a result has not had Internet access for nearly a week now.

We have been trying hard to get the situation fixed, but we don't want a quality dip in the show and it is a shame that the third edition may be delayed. But don't worry, we will make up for it. The podcast should arrive within the next week if Nile gets his Internet connection back and to make up for the delay we are changing the podcast for the better. We hope to make it more personal as well as add a few funky features here and there.

Also a competition will arrive soon, this will also help promote the podcast. It doesn't look that good when your 3rd podcast is delayed, but that's life really, not everything is going to go to plan, we just hope to get back on track ASAP. I wonder what else will go wrong ...

StuffCast Episode 2: CookieRevised joins us as we discuss Messenger
Posted by absorbation on 02 Oct 2006 (16:25 GMT)
Hurray, the delay was only a few hours really and now the second StuffCast is here! So what is on the topic list this time? CookieRevised, Microsoft MVP has kindly joined us to discuss Messenger over the past two weeks and talks about being an MVP and what it means.

Discussion also evolves around the departure of Leah Pearlman from Microsoft, the new MSN Messenger for Mac, how the Yahoo! integration has grown, and to complete the podcast, Val rants about Macs again, what more can you want?

If you are new to StuffCast, this is our second show, of a bi-weekly podcast about Messenger and technology. You can manually download or subscribe to the podcast when you will receive a new episode every second Sunday. Enjoy!

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StuffCast is alive!
Posted by absorbation on 16 Sep 2006 (19:51 GMT)
Finally, after what seems forever, we have released Messenger StuffCast! StuffCast is a weekly podcast for you to download about MSN, Windows Live Messenger and technology in general. It is hosted by Anileator, Valspy and Vaccination, who will be providing you with a sum up of the weekly news as well as reviewing new Messenger add-ons and tools.

To kick off the show we have an exclusive interview with Patchou who discusses about his infamous software, Messenger Plus!. He talks about developing his software and how it has evolved over the years. Patchou also gives his views on the new Windows Live Messenger 8.1 and Windows Vista RC1.

The podcast will arrive every Sunday, summing up the past week of news in the world of Messenger. Shows last half hour each, making it quick and simple to catch up with Messenger. So what are you waiting for? Download, listen and enjoy StuffCast today!

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